Exclusive 10ml Milk Bath Oil Ampulla


Feel like a queen with this Milk Bath Oil!

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Do you want to feel like a queen and take a bath like Cleopatra? With my Milk Bath Oil, you can do just that!

Fill a glass or bottle with warm Full Cream Milk, then add the oil from an ampulla and vigorously stir or shake to dissolve. Pour the fragrant mix into hot bath water just before you get in. Enjoy!

Each ampulla contains 10ml of nourishing Coconut Oil with Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and other Essential oils added for fragrance and healing. Dissolving the oil in milk first will let it blend with the water instead of floating on top.

  • The 10ml ampullae are hand-filled and have a cork sealed with wax.
  • They are only available online when shipped with other products or when ordered in bulk.