I’m really passionate about helping others feel more powerful and at ease in their being, their body and their lives overall.

You know how a lot of women in and around menopause, for example, feel that they should be happier, more relaxed or content, or how they feel the need to de-stress or to have more self-esteem? They know that they have a certain level of success in their job, they lead a healthy lifestyle as far as they can, and they see themselves as mature modern women, and yet, they feel that something is missing. They feel like their inner child is yearning for a hug. Can you maybe relate?

Is there something in you longing to be hugged?

My name is Edzard and what I do is help my clients re-ignite their internal flame and give them a boost to face themselves and the big bad world with new confidence and a zest for life. I help them fall in love with themselves again.

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For example…
A spa therapist I helped remained so filled with positive energy in her communication with her clients that her product sales increased dramatically in the week following our session.

For example…
A client was pleased to tell me how she started getting compliments about her work, and how people noticed that she was smiling and more radiant than before.

For example…
One lady reported how she stopped needing physiotherapy and another stopped needing medication to sleep.

And the way that I could help all these women feel lighter, more flexible and at ease in their bodies, is with my signature treatment, Kaulike Massage, which is based on Kahuna Bodywork and all the other techniques I have learned over the years. This Hawaiian-inspired technique is like massage meets dancing and meditation. Click here to read more about Kaulike Bodywork and all the other techniques I offer.

Transform Your Wellness Journey with the Soothing Touch of Kaulike Massage

Massage Meets Dancing and Meditation

A Kaulike bodywork session with me may feel like closing your eyes and sinking into the arms of a dance partner who lets you effortlessly float across the dance floor without you having to take a single dance step.

My massages are very different to what most people may be used to or think of when they hear the word ‘massage’. I use firm pressure where needed like physiotherapists who work on a particular injury or pain. I use elements of wellness treatments as found in a spa. Incorporating energetic healing techniques, I work with healing intention and trust that the universal energy will be channelled through my hands.

I’m a great believer that love, and touch, heal.

Other bodyworkers in my industry promote modalities I don’t necessarily resonate with. Some only work on the feet, some work so light that the recipient may wonder if it was worth the time and money, while others say that it’s all about digging in deep with a lot of on-the-point pressure (and then it takes two days to recover from the massage before one starts feeling better.)

Learning from my inspiring Kahuna teachers and other healers, as well as through exploring and developing my own style of massage and approach, I realised how love is the greatest technique I can incorporate into my bodywork.

Sports massage and other techniques get things moving, for sure…but do they get things healing? There was a time when I subscribed to that style myself, having learned it from massage school, but earnestly listening to feedback showed me that it wasn’t actually as effective as it seemed.

My life journey, and my journey with massage, taught me the value of compassion. I discovered how all pain came here to be loved, and it continues to hurt and hinder our well-being until it is loved. I realised that the most important thing to do was to fully see and be with each person on my massage table, see them deeply. Feel their physical and emotional pain with them. Hold space for them and their bodies where possible. Just love them when they are in their journey.

Yes, I do use activating pressured strokes, of course. Otherwise, the emotional or physical pain might stay tucked away in its deep corners. I intuitively may add shaking, breathwork, energy work, deep tissue pressure or other methods to my sessions, but they are all nothing without love.

Please note that I do NOT see myself as a $ex-worker at all, even if the feather-light touch can often be very sensual, to the point that I have induced orga$ms without even touching the genita!s. And I allow space for that as well and hold no judgement. My massages set free life force energies and nothing is taboo or frowned upon, yet, I want to make it clear that my work is not aimed at er0tic pleasure seekers. My intention is always healing and holding empathetic space.

I love massaging on the rhythm of the music, the flow, the energy, and the spectrum of pressure – from firm, deep, nurturing strokes to feather-light sense-awakening touch. The freedom of intuitive expression of Kaulike massage is incredible.

And I love being authentically myself and independent in my Hippie-inspired, non-judgemental, safe space I have created and call home. The drapes on the wall, the plants in the garden, the smell of incense, they are all signs that my studio is a healing space, not a beauty salon. And my clients are guests and not customers.

My take on things lies in the actual way I massage, the way that I touch, my way of holding space and having a sympathetic ear to my client’s emotions that are set free by the massage. I do what I do because it gives me joy to observe and share in the inner transformation of my clients who have incorporated the newfound life-force-energy into their life – often after a single session, but especially with regular visits.Top

Here are some highlight pointers from feedback I have received about how my clients noticed that:

  • they start sleeping better
  • they handle stress better
  • they feel calmer
  • their tension dissipates
  • their mood improves
  • they have less body pain
  • they reach deeper levels of relaxation
  • they can just BE and be themselves when they come for a massage
  • they can reach deep meditative bliss during a session
  • they start smiling more
  • they feel better being in their body
  • they start getting compliments from others
  • their self-esteem improves
  • they have more zest for life

Discover a New Level of Relaxation with the Gentle and Soothing Touch of Kaulike Massage

I also grew up with societies limiting belief systems
– teaching how to have body issues or to be prudish
– teaching how to be aware of male therapists just because they are male
– teaching how, especially as a man, it is un-cool to be massaged
– teaching that it’s not okay to be touched
– teaching to be ashamed of being human
– teaching that we have to run the rat race
– teaching how stress is the norm

Maybe you have also come to the realisation that the above is utter bull$hi#.

Maybe you want to feel liberated and comfortable in your body.
Maybe you just want to let go of the stickiness of stress and internal dis-ease.

Then you are welcome to come and experience the transformation with a Kaulike Massage. Massage is obviously not a “magic pill”. While I’m confident that you will get a taste of the shift after one session, it is recommended to make regular massage a lifestyle so that the positive effects can grow and accumulate into a new life. A life filled with zest. A fun life. A life where you fall in love with yourself again.


Appreciative Testimony by Pati: “It’s easy to see how much you care about the people you serve; I am grateful to be one of them. You go above and beyond. Never doubt the difference you make. Your commitment and professionalism mean more than you know. You are outstanding at what you do. I slept like a baby last night, the tension is gone, and the mood was different when I arrived home. I am so grateful. Thank you very much”

Testimonial by Susan: “I have been on this massage, spiritual journey for the past 5 months now and it is never the same. Only gets better and better.
And with this, I mean what happens to you after this amazing experience. It is a connection with your inner being that only you could feel and evolve with.
It’s my me time.
Total shutdown in my mind. I can honestly say I feel different. And people around me can feel it too.”

Testimonial by Eleanor: “I cannot describe in words the wonder of what I experienced today. Out of this world. Truly. I left my body for parts of the session and was transported to a blissful spiritual realm that Is not of this earth. What a professional. He knows his stuff!”

Testimonial by Nolene: “Phenomenal experience, in awe, also one of the most relaxing, best massages that I have had so far. Thank you Edzard, for your professional and excellent service, loved it and for the first time, I felt totally relaxed. I was inspired, invigorated and energised after, looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight and to returning soon.”


Footnote: Kahuna Massage vs Sensua1 Massage

Kahuna massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that has been practised for centuries. It is based on the principles of the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna, which emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things and the importance of balance and harmony in life. Kahuna massage, which is closely related to Lomi Lomi massage, uses a combination of long, flowing strokes, joint mobilization, and deep pressure to release tension, promote relaxation, and restore balance to the body and mind.

Sensua1 massage, on the other hand, is a type of massage that is focused on releasing life-force energy through se#ual pleasure. It may include techniques such as, body-to-body massage, sense awakening tantric touch, and/or genita1 massage, and is often performed in a sensual or romantic setting. If practised between partners, sensua1 massage is often used as a way to increase intim@cy and connection and may involve se#ual arousal or orga$m. When offered as a service, the emphasis is on the recipient going on an internal journey of pleasure and exploration of their own body, feelings and sensations. The facilitator remains in the role of Giver, and the client remains the Receiver with no reciprocity required. It should not be confused with a happy ending massage or e$cort service which focus on se#ual pleasure alone.

While both Kahuna massage and sensua1 massage involve touch and physical contact, they are fundamentally different practices with different goals and intentions. Kahuna massage is focused on holistic healing and promoting balance and harmony in the body and mind, while sensua1 massage is focused on energizing the senses and se#ual pleasure.

It would not be fitting to compare or equate these two practices, as they serve different purposes and are intended for different contexts.