My Glass Art

You might be wondering why there is glass art on a massage website. Well, on the one hand, I hope you like my craft, on the other, it is also a way for you to get to know me a bit more. My hobby is part of my personality. My personality is what I bring into a massage session. I could go through the motions of a textbook massage and follow a step-by-step routine, or rather, and that is my aim, I can approach each session as an individual creative process and craft each massage into a work of art.

I have been doing glass art as a hobby since the nineties. I started with stained glass art and progressed to glass fusing and am mostly self-trained. A lot of my pieces have an experimental character as I play with new techniques and try different things. I hope you enjoy my little gallery – showing my glass craft skills – and maybe even have a look at the shop where a lot of these works are also for sale. (I have not been so busy with my art lately so some items are out of stock)