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My Big Adventure ~ I walked 1435km through Germany

You may be wondering why I include this on my massage business website. Well, I invite my clients as friends into my home and space and do not run an impersonal beauty spa or salon; and so I trust that this is another way for you to get to know me a bit better as a person.

In 2015 I took a sabbatical time out from everything. The thought of doing a pilgrimage-type walk was brooding in the back of my mind for many years and as my idea became a plan, I extended the route and added some training seminars and retreats to my itinerary and the trip grew into a big six-month adventure. With the original blog posts, I shared my experiences, mishaps, adventures, struggles, thoughts and the beauty of Europe with my followers, friends and family. I want to re-share my adventure with you on this website and hope you enjoy reading all about my pilgrimage.

(You can also see more pics and download the book version here)

My blog begins

Everybody starts a blog for a reason. Be it because they think that everybody should be interested in what they do, be it because they want to share information, be it to practise journalistic skills, be it to do advertising or be it to be ‘in’ (everybody has a blog, if I don’t have one I will be socially so out, nobody will love me, my cv will look bad and I will lose my job – I might as well kill myself!) As you might gather, I am a bit at two minds about social media and networking. I for one am not on Facebook all day and my world does not stop turning if I don’t have internet or access to my emails because of load shedding. Well, so why did I start a blog? Probably for all the reasons I mentioned above. Yes, to a degree I fell into the same trap.

I have never been good at keeping a journal. I tried it a couple of times but not with much success. So why is this attempt going to be different? Maybe it won’t but if I don’t try I will never know. So bear with me and hopefully, I will surprise us all.

Back to my reasons to start this blog. When I began sharing my plan to do a long hiking trail my expectations were that everybody would say that I am crazy, that I would never make it, that I won’t last a week etc. The response was very different. Some of my friends became more excited than even I thought I was myself. So it is for them that I will try my best to stick to writing a regular blog-entry about my adventure! And maybe my writing skills will improve, and maybe I will get some advertising out of it (call me if you need a good massage 😉 hint, hint – nudge, nudge) and maybe it could look good on my cv one day! Yes, in a sense for the same reasons as everybody else. Be that as it may, I am glad that you are in front of your screen and willing to read this. And of course, hope that you will follow my blog as well!

For those who don’t know the details yet, I plan to walk from Munich in the south of Germany all the way to Berlin, then further on to Hamburg in the north and then another 200km south again to Osnabrück – the city my father comes from. You can see a map with the +-1250km route by following this link: From Hofbräuhaus to Lutherkirche (you might wonder why it is under the name Nico; no, I don’t have a split personality, Nico Bee is my avatar on some web sites)

My blog will be about this trip. I want to share the trials and tribulations, my impressions, my thoughts. My flight is booked for the 23rd of March 2015. That is less than 5 weeks from today. Until then I want to write a bit more about myself and my thoughts and motivation for going. If I start waffling on, bear with me, it should get more interesting as I go along. Well, at least I hope it will, even more than you do! Believe me!

Let me stop here for today. Thanks for sticking around.

P.S. For those who don’t know, I am really I massage therapist. Not that you think I was trying to advertise something fishy above.