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inHAAAAAAAaaaaaaaln, xHAAAAAaaaaaln, fingeeers rlauuuuuxed

Don’t worry, it also took me some time before I figured out what these words meant. Another two that took me weeks to understand were cashewfeatranglechin and ‘pelfeces’.

To get my body a little bit more in shape and not just my legs from all the walking, I joined a Yoga class. Our instructor is a real character. With his Indian accent he makes us ‘stand tall like a mountain’, ‘grow like a tree’, ‘rock like a boat’ and stretch into ‘an inverted V’ while being aware of all body ‘moooomans’ (movements). And in between we do deep ‘abdooooominal inHAAAAAAAaaaaaaaln and xHAAAAAaaaaaln’ (inhaling and exhaling). At the end we lie in ‘corpse pose’ and our ‘toesfeetlegstieships’ up to the ‘neckfacebrain’ is ‘rlauuuuuxed’ (relaxed). While giving us the instructions his voice goes melodically up and down at least an octave – sometimes even in a single word! You just wait for the beat to kick in!

The funniest thing is that we all take it so seriously! Or is it because we concentrate so hard that our faces forget to smile?

We are usually 8-12 people. I go to the morning class so it is mostly house wife’s, a few students, sometimes a lady or two on her way to work, and me. One or two are very good and it always amazes me how they bend and twist their bodies into the different poses. But most of us are a bit on the chubby side and to an outsider it must look ridiculous how we try to reach our toes and how we stick our bums into the air! But who cares, we are trying our best and that is all that counts. Nothing else matters.

Never be afraid to start something new! The only real failure is the failure to try. It does not matter if you don’t understand everything from the start or how ridiculous it looks as long as you have the guts to get your bum of the couch and do it! And if other people think you are crazy, let it remain their problem! Don’t make it yours. Let them deal with their judgemental views in their own mind – you will need all your own energy and mind to pursue your own new goal. One day we will also be able to bend and twist! And even our bums will be beautiful up there, up in the air!

Oh yes, cashewfeatranglechin means catch your feet or ankles or shins and pelfeces means pelvis and hips