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Body therapy that went much deeper

I don’t know about you, but my week has flown by in a flash. It feels like yesterday that I got on the train in Berlin to come to Leipzig. Again I was blessed as far as my accommodation was concerned. I had booked a single room in a hostel. This normally means that the bathrooms and other facilities are shared communally, but I was given one of their big apartment rooms with own bathroom, tv and kitchenette. Had I booked the apartment it would have cost me almost double the price.

Nikolaikirche Leipzig, where the prayer meetings where held that led to the downfall of East Germany.

The content of the course was so wide that I can only touch on some of the techniques we discussed. It varied from singing bowl therapy to deep tissue massage to yoga to joint release techniques to energetic healing and more. These varied approaches made it clear how many other options there are and how amazing a true holistic approach to health and healing can be. We are so brainwashed by society into a narrow minded chemical pills approach of ‘modern’ medicine. If only we would listen a bit more to our own body and what it tries to tell us on a daily basis. Instead we tell it to shut up and try to hide the signs behind pain pills.

Verena, our teacher, started us off with an interesting game. Instead of the usual: ‘My name is XYZ, I am fourtysomething years old and bla, bla, bla…’, we had to tell the group three things about ourselves of which only two where correct, the third being a lie. The others then had to guess which was fact and which was fantasy. It was tougher than I imagined and we had fun getting to know each other in this playful way.

The blessings continued. The group dynamics of the class could not have been better. We were four ladies, two men and Verena. She is an empathic person. Since an early age she could feel emotions of other people and even of people who had already left the room. She instinctively knows and feels her client’s needs. It was amazing to learn from her. I was also fortunate to receive touch therapy from her. Two of the ladies where also therapists in their own field and so we all complemented each other’s knowledge. When we then also realised that we all had a Christian background, the week became a healing experience on a deeper spiritual level as well for all of us. Surely it was no coincidence that Verena was sent to do the course. She had been asked to take over after the colleague who was supposed to do it got ill.

Because it only gets dark at about 21h30 here at the moment, there was still plenty of time to stroll around town after class. Leipzig is celebrating it’s 1000th birthday this year and there where festivities, beer gardens, booths and bands all over the place. There were lots of fun places to leave your money, but lots of culture as well. It was special to stand in the church buildings where history was made. Bach lived and worked in Leipzig. And it was here that the East German regime realised that it can not win against prayer and peaceful demonstrations.

Anetta and her Cabriolet

I spent the first day after the seminar with Anetta, one of the fellow students, in Dresden. This city is world famous for its art galleries, the Semper opera house, the Elbe river panorama and, of course, the Frauenkirche. Even the street artists were in a different league. As you can see in the photo below, there was a pianist playing on a grand piano under the Luther statue. On another corner there was a brass quartet playing classical music.

So you see, my week was filled with experiences and impressions that surely went much deeper than any body therapy alone can do. I am touched and grateful and feel utterly blessed.

Frauenkirche, Dresden

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  1. Wow Eddie! You REALLY ARE ‘Having a holiday!’ Do I see a permanent Address in Germany looming up??  cheers Bob

  2. Tolle Erlebnisse!

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