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Sounds – too good to be true

If you ever had the privilege of receiving a Tibetan Singing Bowl massage you will know what I mean. The sounds and the effect on the body are unbelievably amazing. After having had an intro lesson in the Leipzig seminar, I spent the last couple of days in München learning the ins and outs of this wonderful technique.

Singing bowls are placed on the body or spread in the room or held above the client and then struck with a mallet. The client then feels the vibrations from the resulting sounds through to the last cell in their body. This is so calming and relaxing and can release the deepest blockages in the system.

But it can also be quite overwhelming. I had to stop my first treatment. The magic was too powerful and my body started vibrating in resonance with the sound. The art of the massage is to find the right balance for each client.


Alternatively, one can use the bowls with meditation or relaxation sessions. All in all they are deeply therapeutic. I just hope that I can manage to squeeze some into my luggage as I will definitely want to offer this technique back in South Africa.

Lunchbreak. I'm the reflection in the window.

I know I am repeating myself, but what can I say – we had class every day from 10am to 6pm and almost every evening we went straight to a close by café and had ice cream, soft drinks or a glass of wine till midnight. (Luckily we did not get homework). Surely this is proof that yet again I was lucky to be in a group that was just as harmonious as the singing bowls themselves. It was tough to say goodbye on the last evening.